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ESQ 165

Founder of ESQ Model

~ Dr. Ary Ginanjar Agustian; the founder of the character building module, ESQ Way 165 ~

“ESQ Leadership Training is amazing and very different compared to other trainings that I have attended…”

That is a conclusion made by most of ESQ alumni. Indeed ESQ Leadership Training is unique compared to other trainings since it is not only a leadership and management training but it also combines psychology, Sufism and science.

The founder of ESQ Leadership Training is Dr. Ary Ginanjar Agustian, a graduate from University of Udayana, Indonesia and Tofe College Adelaide, Australia. He has 15 years experience in education and business. Based on his continuous research, he did successfully write and publish some books such as “Rahasia Sukses Membangun Kecerdasan Emosi” (The Secret of Developing Emotional Intelligence) and “Rahasia Sukses Membangkitkan ESQ Power” (The Secret of Developing ESQ Power).

Then in 2001, Dr. Ary Ginanjar Agustian set up a training company called ESQ Leadership Center to conduct a training based on his books. Its target is to develop holistic characters in training participants through a combination of intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence. He was chosen as “The Most Powerful People and Ideas in Business 2004″ by an Indonesian magazine, Swasembada. He was also chosen as “Tokoh Perubahan 2005″ by Republika newspaper. In addition, he was appointed as the manager of Dewan Pakar ICMI(Specialist Hall ICMI) for 2005-2010 term.

On 18th December 2007, Dr. Ary Ginanjar Agustian was awarded “Doctor Honoris Causa” in character education by University of Yogjakarta due to his continous commitment for human character development not only in Indonesia and Malaysia but also in Singapore, United States of America, Netherland and many more.
Vision & Mission


■Become a world class leadership center

■Contributing in the development of individual and corporate through “The ESQ Way 165′.
■Establishing network in any field which benefits the society.
■Striving as a professional body that applies ESQ Way 165.

ESQ Model

1 Value

Developing self awareness by discovering core values that are already embedded in one’s heart. The SEVEN Core Values are: Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Visionary, Discipline, Teamwork, Fair, & Care. The modules are:

■Outer Journey – Self realization through understanding one’s existence through cosmic awareness.
■Inner Journey – self realization through understanding one’s ultimate values.
■Zero Mind Process – eliminating the shackles that cover one’s core values.

6 Principles

How to internalize core values in order to hold on to them. The modules are:

■Star Principle – spiritual commitments; a principle that will develop strong confidents, high integrity and wisdom in oneself.
■Angel Principle – creates a personality with high loyalty and sincere contributions.
■Leadership Principle – creating a leader that holds on to excellence, accountability, honesty and caring.
■Learning Principle – developing a mindset of continuous improvement.
■Vision Principle – developing a mindset of always having three visions in life; Long Term, Mid Term & Short Term.
■Well-Organized Principle – the notion of always being sincere in whatever position and result one’s has achieved.
5 Actions

How to sustain and apply the principles and core values. The modules are:

■Mission Statement – having a mission statement is to highlight the importance of having a strong mission so as to become one’s believe that can drive him towards the highest level of achievements.
■Character Building – it is an internalization process of values until it become a character in one’s life.
■Self-Controlling – identifying and eliminating the negativities that can prohibit a person to achieve a mission.
■Strategic Collaboration – synergy.
■Total Action – persistence and consistence to pursue one’s objectives.


Saya merasakan bahawa dari sudut isi mahupun metodologi, ESQ Training sungguh menakjubkan.
Romli Hussein
VP, TELEKOM Malaysia

ESQ is very good and effective training that makes us get in touch with our spiritual and emotional side. Participants will come back recharged with renewed enthusiasm to be a person that he or she can be whether as a father, mother, entrepreneur, son, daughter, worker or boss.
Ahmad Nazri Ahmad Noor
HR General Manager, Kumpulan Karangkraf

ESQ Training in many areas have managed to enlighten and enhance my views and perception of myself and further strengthen my current inner beliefs and principles. Personally, ESQ in some ways has made me more optimistic and refresh my outlook towards life.
Wang Twee Pang
Branch Manager, PUSPAKOM

ESQ Sukses adalah harapan semua di zaman moden ini. Ternyata untuk mencapai hidup sukses tidak cukup mengutamakan IQ saja, namun diperlukan kematangan serta ketrampilan emosional dan spiritual
Usman Chatib Warsa

Before I join the ESQ Training I did not realized I did awful things in my life especially to my families, friends and staff. I was egoist, naive and lot more of bad attitudes. ESQ shaked me and made me aware who am I, where am I coming from and where am I heading to. I feel remorse. ESQ had been the eye opener of my heart and will lead me to a better life on the way back to Allah the Almighty.
William de Weerd
Risk Manager, Rodamco Europe, Holland

Ary Ginanjar brings the deep power of ESQ to a vision of renewed and compassionate Islam. He has the voice of a wise teacher. His words opened my heart to the beauty of a faith I had never before understood.
Danah Zohar
Pengarang ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ & ‘Spiritual Capital’, ENGLAND

ESQ 165 balances the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aptitude and attitude in me. It fits nicely in the total training philosophy of interfacing work, life, and learning.. I am truly impressed despite my 28 years experiencing in human capital development. Its’ a mind opener.
Roslan Razak

I have had formal training on various kinds of learning. I had once seek religious knowledge and had continuously practiced the good deeds(amal) from the classes I attended. Then I was busy climbing the corporate ladder until I missed the pure feeling of happiness when you feel and aware that God is helping you in your every conduct-God even suppress your words so as not to be blurted out when you have the temptation to say something damaging. Three days in ESQ training gives me back the feelings. It is so serene. I realized my habitual conducts have changed abruptly. From my experience and knowledge in human resource development, ESQ Training is indeed a transformational learning; a learning experience that is capable to transform people which normally occur in real life situation such as being diagnosed with cancer or lost os someone dear
Nor Aliza Abd Latif

Organisasi seperti PUSPAKOM yang terpenting dalam membangun modal insan bukanlah skill atau knowledge, tetapi spiritual melalui internal strength, di situlah kekuatan.
Dato’ Hj Salamat Hj Wahit



ESQ Leadership Center Sdn. Bhd.
E-602, Metropolitan SQ,
No. 2, Jalan PJU8/1, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +6 03 7728 1650 Fax: +6 03 7724 1650
Email :

For corporate and in-house inquiries, please contact:

Email : or

List of Authorised Representatives of ESQ Leadership Training :


ESQ Leadership Wilayah Utara
Tingkat 2 Unit No. 4
Wisma Pantai
Jalan Wisma Pantai
12200 Butterworth,
Pulau Pinang
Tel: +6 012 4 939393 (Encik Mohamad Faridz Karim)


ZMP Management & Training Center
No 17A, Jalan Uda Utama 3/14,
Bandar Uda Utama,
81200 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: +6 07 235 1650 (Office)
+6 019 771 8300(Roziah)
+6 019 732 0978 (Rohaya)
Fax: +6 07 239 1650

Kelantan & Terengganu

Al Ansar Consultancy Sdn Bhd
PT 3310, Tingkat 1,
Taman Sri Kota SBJ,
16350 Pasir Pekan, Kelantan
Hp: 019-9346911 (Mohd Bakhtiar)
Hp: 017-9878869 (Mohd Basri)
Tel: 09-7185165 (Office)
Faks: 09-7185161
Email :


A&A Management and Training Services
Unit No. C29.1, Block C,
Kompleks Delima Jaya,
Spg. 62, Kg. Delima Satu,
Jalan Muara BB4713,
Negeri Brunei Darussalam


Muhd Razeen Lopez
30 Lor 27 Geylang
#03-01,Citiraya Ctr
Singapore 388164
Tel : +6593535340

For Adult Training
ZMP Leadership Center P/L
2, Kaki Bukit Ave 1
Singapore 417938
Tel No. +65 8311 7517
Fax No.: +65 6392 7476


Konsortium IGMS Harmoni Sdn Bhd
Lot 10527, Block 11, MTLD
3rd Floor, Stutong Indah
Commercial Centre
Jalan Setia Raja, 93350 Kuching
No Tel: 082-367037
No Fax: 082-366137
HP: 012-8877990

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum...

    Buat julung kalinya dibawakan ke Malaysia !

    ESQ Parenting Seminar
    "Better Parenting for a Better World"

    Pada 10/10/10 (Ahad)
    di SACC, Shah Alam
    akan dibawakan khas oleh Pengasas Model ESQ, Dr.(H.C.) Ary Ginanjar Agustian..
    (Penerima pelbagai anugerah dalam bidang pembangunan dan pembentukan karakter)

    Harga : RM740
    Promosi : RM1180 utk suami&isteri (2 org) - terhad hanya untuk pasangan sahaja
    Untuk : Ibu, bapa, bakal ibu, bakal bapa, pendidik dan mereka yang berumur 18 tahun keatas dan yang ingin mengenali dan mengeluarkan potensi fitrah manusia yang luar biasa.

    Apa yang akan anda dapati dari seminar ini ialah :

    (i.) Fahami peranan & tanggungjawab sebenar sebagai ibubapa yang menjadi faktor utama pembentukan dan perkembangan personaliti anak.
    (ii.) Ketahui bagaimana cara untuk mendorong kecemerlangan karakter & potensi diri anak yang mungkin selama ini tanpa disedari kita telah menghalang anugerah Yang Maha Esa ini pada mereka.
    (iii.) Pendidikan anak tidak cukup hanya sekadar intelektual, maka singkaplah bagaimana cara untuk mencemerlangkan sumber emosi dan spiritual anak
    (iv.) Penyatuan perbezaan pasangan dalam mendidik anak.

    ''Berikan yang terbaik buat permata hati.. Ibubapa cemerlang dambaan setiap insan''

    Untuk pendaftaran dan informasi lebih lanjut tentang training ESQ, sila hubungi ESQ di talian: (03) 7728 1650 / 7725 1651,

    Terima kasih.